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Josh White, Jr.

Singer, Actor, Activist

Saturday, Sept 30, 2017, 8PM

There is a Chinese proverb that says: "If there is light in the soul, there is beauty in the person; If there is beauty in the person, there will be harmony in the home; If there is harmony in the home, there is peace in the heart."

May your life be filled with beauty; may your heart be filled with peace and together we will rise and be respectful for the identity and dignity of all creation. And together we will strive toward a world free of fear and hatred. Confucius said it so poignantly, "Our greatest glory is not in never failing but in rising every time we fail."

JOSH WHITE, JR. (secular, folk/blues, pop, jazz, vocalist, guitarist, songwriter, actor, adult and children's concert performer and recording artist, teacher and social activist). Born November 30, 1940, in New York City, one of five children, to Joshua Daniel White, famed singer/guitarist/actor/social leader, and his wife Carol (nee Carr).

Josh White, Jr., became, a 'hit' literally over night at the age of four, by performing with his legendary father JOSH WHITE one night at New York's famed "Café Society" night club (America's first integrated nightclub). For the next five years, Josh, Jr. performed with his father from New York to Boston to Philadelphia. In 1949, Josh, Jr. landed his first role on Broadway, and as Josh says, "It was type casting..." he played his father's son in How Long Til Summer? with Dorothy Gish and Don Hanmer. While continuing a solo acting career, Josh went on to perform and record with his father for the next seventeen years on radio, television, Broadway, concert halls and nightclubs around the world. Josh attended New York's famed Professional Children's School, along with Elliott Gould, Sandra Dee, Brandan de Wilde, Leslie Uggams, Christopher Walken, and, among others, Marvin Hamlisch, who co-wrote Josh's first solo recording for Decca in 1956, "See Saw".

Between the years 1949 and 1960 Josh was in five Broadway plays and one off-Broadway play: "How Long Til Summer," in which he was honored with a Special TONY AWARD as "Best Child Actor" of the year in 1949; "The Man," with Josh White, Sr. (1950); "Touchstone" (1955); "Take A Giant Step" (1957) (the popular, long-running Off-Broadway play, in which he was the third person to take over the starring role, following Billy Gunn and Josh's friend Lou Gossett); "Only In America" (1959) starring Nehemiah Persoff; and "The Long Dream," (1959) book by Richard Wright, directed by Lloyd Richards, whose cast included Al Freeman, Jr. and newcomer Clarence Williams III. Some other actors he shared the stage with in these plays were Arthur O'Connell, Godfrey Cambridge, Patty McCormick, Beah Richards.

By 1961 Josh had already Guest Starred in more than 50 American Television Dramas, and costarred with his father in Great Britain for North Grenada television in "The Josh White Show." However, as he was approaching his 21st birthday, the number of acting jobs available on Broadway, TV and film for young Black actors was limited, while musically, the Folk Revival in America was beginning to take storm and offer more lucrative opportunities. Accordingly, Josh decided to focus on his career as a singer/guitarist, put his acting career on hold, and branch out from his long association with his father, to go on the road alone to pursue his solo concert and recording career.

After the 1956 Decca Records release of "See Saw", and after more recordings with his father (such as "Josh White at Town Hall" 1960), Josh, Jr.'s solo recording career continued with "Do You Close Your Eyes" - Mercury 1962, (which is a "golden oldie" in the Pittsburgh area to this day); "Good & Drunk & Goozey" (with sister, Beverly White) - Sonnet 1963; "I'm On My Own Way" - Mercury 1964; "The Josh White, Jr. Album" - United Artists 1967; "One Step Further" - United Artists 1968; Spoken Arts multi-media production, "The Dream Awake" with James Earl Jones, Josh White, Jr. and Josephine Premice, an educational aid complete with film strips, teacher guide and seven long-playing recordings containing performances by the cast, with an original text by Owen Dodson; "Josh White, Jr." Vanguard 1978; "Sing A Rainbow" - Mt. Railroad 1979, "Josh White, Jr. Sings Traditional Folk Songs" - National Archives 1980; the 1980 recordings of "The Strangest Dream" and "The King's Highway" (official Theme Song recordings for the "Peace Corps" and "VISTA" - both composed by his old friend Ed McCurdy); "May The Brush Be With You" (with Jimmy Carter, Frank Sinatra, Muhammad Ali & Lily Tomlin) - Cornucopia 1981; "Delia's Gone" - FFMM 1983; "Almost Alone" - Eagle 1984; "Jazz Ballads & Blues" (GRAMMY nominated instrumental jazz album tribute to his father) - RYKODISK 1986; "Live at the Soft Rock Café" - RTG/Oceansong 1990; "My Favorite Toy" (children's album) - Coden/White Records 1994; plus numerous appearances on festival, compilation and tribute albums; the recent "House of The Rising Son" (Silverwolf 1999) "Cortelia Clark" (Silverwolf 2001) and "Josh White, Jr. - LIVE" (Silverwolf, 2003)



Concert Info

Acoustic Concert Tours is the Dallas area's premier house concert series started in 1987 by Paul Porter. We host our concerts at Turtle Hawk Acres, home of Karen Cameron and Andy Boehmer, located on three acres in beautiful Oak Cliff. Concerts are brought to you by Paul Porter and Karen Cameron.

Concerts are scheduled approximately every quarter. Most are on Saturday evening at 7:30 pm and a few are on Sunday afternoon at 4:00 pm. We ask each person attending to make a donation of $20, which all goes to the performer. Drinks and snacks are available and there's a donation kitty. You can also bring whatever you like for yourself or to share. Reservations are normally not required but we suggest you arrive about 10-20 minutes before show time for a good seat. SEATING IS LIMITED! It is a good idea to RSVP for the show to ensure a seat. RSVP to one of the email addresses above.

Feel free to bring instruments. Impromptu song circles have been known to break out after the show. We encourage the music but request that song circles end by approximately 1:00 am!

We feature some of acoustic music's greatest singer-songwriters, from all over the US and beyond, in a serious listening room. We often call this "Hard Listening" music, because the lyrics have something to say and are sure to make you think. You will rarely hear it on the radio - it's just too good.


"Turtle Hawk Acres" - 3211 W. Ledbetter Dr, Dallas, TX 75233



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